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About Us

Our mission is to create high-tech solutions in the fields of industrial cooling and cooling systems. Our company focuses on finding solutions that are tailored to meet the needs of every particular client. The approach we choose is strictly based on high energy efficiency and automation, having in mind the impacts we make to the environment. 

The company was created in 2009. So far we have acquired great knowledge and experience in fields of project management and building new systems, and equally reconstructing and creating new cooling systems. Constant education and improvement of members of our team enables us be innovative when it comes to standard technical solutions applied in industrial cooling. 

We are creating systems for the cooling of the warehouses, food industries, process fluids and waste energy recovery. The product realization involves complete technical development, partial or complete system creation  in our workshop, and integration into the object of the investor. Nothing but the high quality components are used for our projects, which in combination with the expertise of our team guaranties great reliability of the final product. Along with cooling system development, we also offer  wide range of components, for which we provide full technical support, service and assistance.

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