Ice Water Cooling Systems

Highly effitient direct ice water cooling system REFLAC is developed especially for Dairy industry purposes. System is based on an idea of providing cooling energy when process is requiring, without comlicated ice accumulation in ice water banks. THe advantages of REFLAC system are: 

  • Exceptional efficieny compared to traditional ice water accumulation
  • Lower energy costs
  • Lower investment costs
  • Lower engagement of work force for system operation
  • Smaller installation space for equipment
  • Considerablly smaller ammonia charge
  • High reliability

Principle of operation of REFLAC system:

The heart of REFLAC system for direct ice water cooling is fully welded plate heat exchanger especially designed for direct ice water cooling. Heat exchanger delivers refrigerated water at +1 degC with ammonia evaporating temperature od 0 degC. In reality, the temperature of ice water varies between 0,5 and 1,5 degC. Compressors dedicated for maintaining evaporating pressure are frequency controlled and system also includes circulation pumps for ice water. System is protected with several surveillance tested protocols. It can be delivered in different capacities and equipped with one or more compressors. Compressors can be screw or reciprocating. There is a possibility of using existing compressors.

System operates with ammonia as primary refrigerant. It can be connected to existing central refrigeration system or delivered as standalone unit with integrated condenser and other necessary equipment.

Efficiency comparison of REFLAC to traditional ice accumulation on one typical dairy if explained in following example