Production of hot water by recovery

Scope of supply:

REFLAC Ice Water cooler is factory produced- and tested unit, prepared forfully automated operation. It consists of the following components:

  1. Heavy duty housing

  2. Two reciprocating compressors with VFD capacity contorol

  3. Ammonia separator - suction vessel

  4. Oil pot collector with automatic oil return system

  5. State of the art heat exchanger for ice water cooling

  6. Ice water pumping system with VFD pumps

  7. Ice water valve station with automatic by-pass valve

  8. Ice water level sensor for water tank (customer supply) level control

  9. Control cabinet with OP panel

  10. Optional housing for outdoors installation with housing ventilation system

REFLAC unit can not operate on its own. It has to be connected to followingcomponents:

  • Return water accumulation - simple tank of any material with 5 - 20 m3size. Generally, it is possible to operate without accumulation tank buthaving small accumulation provides more reliable operation.

  • Refrigerant condenser - which is controlled by REFLAC.

  • Customer can select any type of condenser (evaporative, air cooled orwater cooled). Condenser can be customer supplied or provided by


    REFLAC does not come equipped with condenser, thus leaving the possibilityfor our customers to select condenser type and size affected by particularclimate conditions. Condenser can also be positioned in various placesdepending on building facilities.

    REFLAC can also be connected to existing refrigeration plant with differentrefrigeration circuits and common condenser system. It has all possibilities ofcommunication with any type of central control systems. That way, REFLACcan be used for reconstruction of old plants as it can change ice bank systemsonly and still be connected to ammonia based cold storage cooling.

 Za niže temperaturne režime u krugovima tople vode, COP može biti viši.

How it works: